Duel Love: ‘rub rub rub’

Five sparkly boys

One of the reasons I have such a close relationship with my DS is because of this game, Duel Love or デュエルラブ. I initially stocked up on some Japanese games in order to improve in the language, and when I heard this title I assumed it would be some kind of dating simulation where the lads would fight over the main female of the game….well I was half right.

Unfortunately, due to my limited Japanese I could only really tell you that the school you attend is regular by day,and boxing ring at night. Everyone including the staff seem to be ok with the students chinning each other, so why shouldn’t you?

At the beginning of the game things seemed innocent enough, I’m the new kid and one by one I bump into various guys around the school. The five guys available come in the most desirable flavours, from moody, girly, nerdy, rich and not forgetting the class clown. So predictably you tell the guy of your choice whatever he wants to hear most and he’ll give you a ticket to one of his matches. He’ll start the match like a wuss and fall to the ground in a vulnerable, homosexual way. However you can save him! Using the stylus you can make you heart beat furiously until your love gives him strength (…seriously.) then he’ll kick ass.

"You know the punishment for the loser 😉 "

Providing you powered up your guy and he won, you may now go on to the more….amusing scenes.

The most common one is attending to your Rocky’s wounds. Sounds lame….until it becomes apparent that spraying antiseptic and applying plasters seem to be a major turn on for these guys.

In order to arouse treat him effectively you need to use your stylus to feel his body…slowly. If some injuries appear, you need to spray and slap on a plaster quickly and gently…the boys enjoy a bit of the rough treatment and the background and his expression will change accordingly, but if you go too far he’ll cut the fun short.

The rest of the mini games are of this nature, such as wiping his sweat drenched body (I only managed this once with the rich guy) or if you manage to support the same character throughout the game and get his affection points high enough you can perform a very rough massage for the final round. (WARNING: he pretty much orgasms at the end) There are also some less suggestive games of simply helping him train.

So if you are like me and intend to use Japanese games to better your language skills, good effort…but don’t bother with this one. You’ll find yourself speeding through it just to get to the dodgy scenes. However, if you are like me and you’re a raging pervert then you’ll be happy to know you can speed through it just to get to the dodgy scenes.
Afterall, there is a skip button for a reason. I think it’s obvious I have had more than one play through, but the game itself can be completed in about 10 minutes. So if you are incredibly lonely and desperately need a boyfriend, this game is for you! May it bring you endless pleasure!

But maybe this video says it better than I do: