Feel the magic XY XX: Then feel her

Then feel me....grrrrrr

When I first clapped eyes on this game I assumed it would be about literal magic. Well I should’ve paid more attention to the male and female chromosome part of its title as this game is about the magic of love!….I guess.

This far from ordinary game revolves around a skater who falls in love at first sight with a woman in the middle of a busy town. Then some men led by a bunny man who are part of a troupe befriend, then advice him the best way to win her heart is to impress her with various acts.
Visually the game shows events in simplistic comic book sequence, usually ending in either a plan or a catastrophy for you to solve.
The game embodies Japanese comedy as you perform various impossible yet humorous missions in order to get the woman’s attention.

Become a bowling ball...that'll win her over for sure!

Missions vary from saving the woman of your dreams from a stampede of demon possessed bulls to pulling fat people out of a sandpit with an antlion at the bottom.
Of course in games of love there is always a rival trying to steal your one true love, in one instance literally doing so.
Not only does this game have humour, it is also very mildly perverted with mini games that involve rubbing the woman’s (clothed) body to clean off dirt as she blushes furiously.
I'll clean you up anytime, baby
The game also allows you to buy and dress the woman as you advance, and at the risk of incriminating myself you are able to touch various parts of her body to get an annoyed and embarrassed reaction.
A frequent line that is either said by a woman or by your supportive bunny lads when you start/complete a mission is ‘rub it’…but I’m sure this is just an innocent reference to how you use your stylus in mini games!

Yes, yes....you've said it a thousand times

This hilariousness of this game came as wonderful suprise, and in addition I got to semi-fulfil my lifelong dream of being a man with a bunch of lads cheering for me whilst I try to pull. Although the game is funny and a tiny bit perverted it also becomes quite difficult.
As you progress regardless of how strange the tasks are they increase in difficulty, making this game challenging as well as entertaining.
But don’t just take my word for it…