Rune Factory 3: A Wooly’s tale

Basically this game is amazing, buy it. That’s it.

I actually love playing this game. It looks like the makers of Rune Factory and Harvest Moon are finally understanding what the series needs to advance.

Once again the hero is some amnesiac who wandered into town, so far still the same as the previous Rune Factory games, however this time……you are a bitching wooly!

Cool guy or cute woolly? Yeah…wooly!

Yes, that lovely sheepy weakling that never picks a fight but you still kill it for woolly furball’s.

You are golden and beautiful and as soon as you defeat the first boss you may change whenever you want, and it is your wooly little secret. How random!

So then that girl who the game tries to force you to favour gives you a farm blahblah…shows you how to plant crops…the only thing a tad different here is that you live in a massive tree.

Just like the previous games there will be various bosses located around the village that you need to defeat in order to learn who you are, as well as get closer to fulfilling your purpose and defeating the final boss of the game. Also the maps will have hidden items in them, such as noodle dishes or dumplings. Who knows how they even got there, but I’ve never been one to turn down free food!

A different element added to the game is a bonus dungeon that you will find in the basement of your house once you have defeated a couple of bosses.

Here you will find extra enemies, but also plenty of items and treasure chests containing things that are quite expensive/difficult to get your hands on.

The festivals are also a lot more challenging than before, whereas in the previous two games I was coming in 1st every festival, I have had to accept defeat numerous times in this game.

My favourite festival, giant wooly abuse with ladles

Every Rune Factory and Harvest Moon game I have complained that your spouse never helps keeping the farm running, which in this case is still true. However now you take your wife, or one of the villagers into battle with you! But before anyone gets excited, they wont nearly be as strong as you but they make convenient sacrifices.

Choosing a wife is actually really difficult in this game. There is no desperate weird-girl to save, and there are no rival bachelor’s to take the leftovers, perhaps making this the hardest decision yet.

Each girl was unique and interesting…with actual personalities beyond their role in the village. I wanted freaky monster babies so it was between Raven, who can change into a Phoenix and Pia a mermaid, and Kuruna, an Univir (unicorn!?) Elder who is over 500 years old and has a horn and is racist towards humans.

Some of the other girls….gave mixed signals

I chose Raven in the end, as she seemed the most feisty…had I known that the breakfast she would cook me each morning would be an ice cream cone, I probably would’ve reconsidered.

After the scene of your marriage, the storyline pretty much comes to an end. The only thing left for you now is to max out villagers, learn all item creations and cooking recipes or do the bonus dungeons located in your basement which apparently has over 1000 floors.

Of course promoting the homely aspect of the game, you can also knock up your wife at this point too. A few weeks before the expected date you will be asked what gender you would like. I went with a boy, then a girl….then I was too creeped out to keep playing.

We should have had AMAZING babies….

My kids are freaks. They are scary and they say creepy things. As soon as your wife has squeezed one out, a year passes. In that time your crops are just the way you left them, with the food that your wife drops for your breakfast still there.

During this game year a montage plays of you showing off your baby to random villagers as the scenery changes with the seasons.

During the gap year my baby suddenly resembles a 6-7 year old…and looks nothing like a wooly OR a phoenix. How boring!

For some reason the son is obsessed with his mum, and the daughter keeps saying that she wants to marry me. Why? They only ever have two pieces of dialogue…even on their birthday’s, so why is this one of the dialogues!? They never even leave the house, they don’t even have a bed so they never sleep! Not even the villagers acknowledge them. In fact they don’t even show up on the page that lists everyone’s affection towards you…because they have no feelings.


Since I got married and had a family, no one ever actually mentions this to me or asks me about it. I had maxed out the affection of all the bachelorettes, but despite being married whenever I talk to them they still flirt with me. How inappropriate!

This game as a lot of fun, and with the good rare items and stronger weapons you can find in the bonus dungeons it was really easy to level up and get strong enough to beat the various bosses. It did make me quite sad when I did complete the storyline though, as the dialogue between the villagers gets recycled and my family are in need of counselling as we are all emotionally distant towards each other.