The Catherine of my Dreams: PS3/XBOX

At this early stage I would like to applaud Atlus on making such a wonderfully weird and creative game. I’m addicted to cheating sheep and sexual implications!

Are you a bum or boob person?

Enter Vincent, an average guy who is struggling financially with a superior girlfriend named Katherine. As the commitment in their relationship increases, Vincent starts having intense nightmares where he is wearing his tiny boxers and needs to climb giant blocks or perish along with other men who take the form of sheep…I wonder if the Atlus team who made this include perverted/vengeful women…who possibly have job openings?

If his terrifying dreams aren’t bad enough, along with the pressures from his longterm girlfriend Katherine to commit to a future with her, he then meets Catherine. A woman who embodies the opposite of the future he would have with his girlfriend, whom Vincent seemingly cheats with whenever he awakes the nightmare world.

Nightmare Katherine: Commit or DIE

When I was told the makers of this game were the same team behind the insane Persona series I had a lot of expectations of what this game would entail. If anything, I got more than I expected!

This is another one of those games where your actions and interactions determine how your story will play out. You can either be kind and stay loyal to Katherine, or you can encourage the erotic Catherine who will send you revealing pictures of herself…Like you needed anymore temptation!

The gameplay for this game is misleadingly difficult. Initially you’ll discover you just have to pull blocks out to advance to the top, however this actually requires techniques and with the floor disappearing behind you, you’ll find yourself under a lot of pressure to reach the top without dying.

Making matters worse are the other sheep that will be losing their shit and trying to survive and get to the top too. These annoying sheep will push you off if you get in their way. But that’s not the worse of it…

Each night  is represented by a stage to with three levels to overcome before you can wake up and return to your life of…well, doing bugger all. But every time you reach the third stage you will have to confront a terrible representation of your fears. For an example of this, I give “Ass Face Woman”.

When this thing started chasing me I wanted to cry

Looking at the image hurts my entire existence…and I hope it has a similar effect for everyone else. Yes, that is a tongue.

Moving on…after you complete a stage, you will wake up next to Catherine, with no memory of your nightmare. Then waste away in the bar learning beer facts and getting smashed…and earning yourself some softcore phone candy if you are a dodgy git.

Also for your consideration, if you are like me and you dislike people, you’ll want to play this alone as everyone around you, regardless of whether they’ve played it or not WILL think they have it sussed and shout directions at you. The game is intense enough without shouty feedback on every move you make!

This trailer will give you the impression that there are copious amounts of tits and sheep. This is a fair representation: