A Witch’s Tale: World domination backfire!

Power hungry witch, Liddell accidentally opens an ancient book that the legendary Alice used to seal away the evil Eld Witch.

Sleeping beauty Loue, a vampire who was in charge of guarding the book fails tremendously and decides to catch up on beauty sleep instead. After a botched attempt at stealing the books powers for herself, Liddell ends up waking the Eld witch instead. Loue guides Liddel in fulfilling her responsibility to help the worlds that have suffered because of the Eld witch’s revival.

“Ah…think I’ll have a nap….WAIT! I forgot to scatter rose petals on my beautiful body.”

This game is a wonderful blend of Japan’s apparent obsession with Alice in Wonderland, Japanese folklore and a nightmarish Halloween.

Each of the new worlds Liddell travels to is unique, ranging from a Hanzel and Gretel inspired world made out of candy to worlds inspired by the Japanese legend of the Kitsune and the realm between the world of the living and dead.

Not only are you expected to engage in frequent battles, but each new world will require you to solve numerous puzzles and fulfil the locals request in order to reach the final boss of that area.

The battle system is your typical turn-based RPG, where you can use either the attack, elemental magic or item commands. Unfortunately, for those who like to get through RPG’s by just attacking each time…I am afraid this is not one of those games. You will need a strategy if you don’t enjoy dying and reviving at the last place you saved.

Loue, your vampiric soul mate doesn’t assist you in battle, however you have a creepy looking cat doll that can assist you, and as you advance in the game, you will gain new creepy looking dolls with varying abilities…but depressing expressions that will make you go “Awwwwww…..”

“Creepy dolls! ATTACK!”

One thing I can’t understand about this game is why all the buttons and controls have no assigned roles? This game is completely stylus operated, which irritated me. Playing a witch that wants to take over the world, surely there are abilities/interactions that can be assigned to these sodding buttons.

Anyway, this game is a fun blend of fighting, puzzles, and discovery…pretty much the perfect recipe for RPG fans. The dialogue and events can be quite funny and random, with various appearances from the characters in Alice in Wonderland…who mostly just show up to either judge or mock you. Mostly both.