Corpse Party for PSP

This horror RPG game is not for the faint of heart…it is both gruesome and frightening. This adorable game kept me awake until the wee hours because I was worried that if I didn’t complete it and get closure, I would never sleep again.

Disclaimer: Only the corpses can party

When a group of highschoolers hang out in their classroom in the dead of night to tell creepy ghost stories, then perform amateur voodoo I assumed from the beginning that something terrible would happen to one, if not all of them. The game wastes no time in proving me correct, and its abrupt decent into horror admittedly left me wide-eyed. A warning before I continue…if you have issues with glass shattering screams from emotionally scarred teenagers, just forget about this game.


[lie] I’m sure this is harmless. [/lie]

Following the amateur voodoo in hopes to keep them all ‘friends forever’ (way to jinx it!) theses teens and their hip teacher find themselves transported and separated from one another via ominous earthquake into a highschool in a parallel dimension. If that wasn’t scary enough, it is filled with the bitter ghosts of elementary children who were murdered years before, and the corpses of various aged students who ultimately perished in a plethora of unique and painful ways after being teleported there the same way.

As you follow the story from the perspective of the characters you control, it becomes apparent that the crazy child ghosts aren’t your only problem, as the exposure to this environment has had an effect on your characters mental stability as well.

The bane of my life as many have had the misfortune of hearing me complain about was this tongue-less boy.

Awww…what a cute little…AHHHHHHHH!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discriminating based on tonguelessness, the main issue I had with him was that an event where I’m buried alive would be triggered if I made eye contact with him. This was easy to avoid…until he started chasing me.

There are many ‘wrong ends’ you can activate by either doing something incorrect, saying the wrong thing or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Each chapter will have numerous wrong ends, but only one true end that will allow you to proceed with the story.

Many wrong ends will have the characters having mental breakdowns. That awkward moment where you character decides to cannibalise another character? Yeah…like that.

I do not mind spoiling that regardless of the ending you unlock…there is no happy ending. How could there be? They are trapped in a hellish highschool filled with fresh and old corpses, each killed in a unique and tragic way.

In the menu you’ll see that your characters have hp. This is to fool you into thinking you can fight back. You can’t. There are no battles…if someone is chasing you, you simply leg it and do not look back as you’ll almost certainly die.

The game will keep a record of the various endings you’ve collected through the Title Menu, but in addition to this there is a ‘Name Tag’ and ‘Extras’ feature for you to complete.

Gotta catch ’em all!

The Extras are either extra parts of story for you to view or small playable parts that allow you experience both flashbacks for your characters, but also mini stories from the previous students.

The final chapter had me shaking lightly…but that could’ve been the extreme sleep deprivation and hunger. A lot of the imagery can be slightly disturbing…but if like me you easily get engrossed in games, then the vulgar descriptions to certain events will leave the biggest impression on you.

As a coping method I tell myself that he’s looking at porn as the reality is so much worse.

It really disturbs me that I’m considering writing that I ‘enjoyed’ this game…what with all the death and imagery my creative mind has put together. Nevertheless, it is very addictive, and once you accept the game for what it is, you’ll find it difficult to put down.

I specifically appreciate that this game doesn’t end in laughs and chuckles with a ‘they lived happily ever after’ ending. As one of the final scenes (that I won’t spoil here) managed to truly move me despite how simplistic, yet tragic it was.

I guess it was the subtle message of ‘friendship transcends death yadda-yadda’. Buy it for your children. (Don’t)

“Look behind me, my life depends on it? Pffffft! As if I’m falling for that one.”