Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming

Well as I’ve bothered to write so much about Harvest Moon:SunshineIslands, I thought I would at least write a piece on its ‘follow up’, a cute mini game of love and war. Sort of.

This cover makes me wish there was an animal racing mini game. Look at that cow go!

In contrast to the long commitment you need in order to get through the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games, this game is a nice change. Have I mentioned how adorable it is? Well it’s adorable.

Initially it’s easy to get through, however as you progress it increases in difficulty and ruins your life. As well as the storymode there are also extra challenges, but when your self esteem is low from being defeated by the game there is the multiplayer option.

The basic plot of the game is that everyone was minding their own busy, chilling’ when vegetables abruptly grow all around them.

You start as the Sunshine Island heroes Mark or Chelsea, and as you complete the story from their POV, you can unlock the other character stories to give yourself the full perspective of how the world was nearly destroyed by a vegetable apocalypse.

So what do you do? Well…it’s a farming game…vegetables are growing out of control…do I need to spell it out? You harvest the buggers.

When the CPU or other players are beating you they throw stones on your crops. Childish, I know.

This game has saved me from napping on very dull train rides and avoiding conversations with uninteresting people. It’s also nice to see old faces, like Vaughn, being burdened with unusual circumstances.
Overall, my favourite part of this game has to be the Harvest Sprite slave labour.

Using the stylus, you need to adopt a style of segregation and put the same type of veggies in front of him. Not all the veggies are fully grown, but after each harvest he will sprinkle water around the surrounding squares…see where the strategy comes in?

The longer the chain of veggies, the more points you wrack up which will fill the right-hand side gauge. Once that is full, your character will be able to use their individual skill to give you an advantage in the game. In the below instance, Natalie uses her sandwich making skills to seduce the sprite and make her favourite crops fully grown.

When Natalie’s gauge fills she makes sandwiches. Drives the boys crazy.

Numerous times I’ve found myself sabotaging the poor sprite in order to hear his cries of “Help!” His little elfy voice gets my heart pounding as I clutch hold of the bedsheets and close my eyes in orgasmic plea…excuse me.

I’ll be honest…I usually wait until I’ve completed a game before I write about it, but I haven’t finished this one yet. Due to an overwhelming display of maturity…the level I’m on is just too hard.