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Pokémon Black & Blue: Original campaigns are hard

Remember that bit in Pokémon where Pikachu was constantly whipped by Ash and walked around covered in bruises, never to fulfill his fleeting dream of freedom? What do you mean that never happened?… Continue reading

Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming

Well as I’ve bothered to write so much about Harvest Moon:SunshineIslands, I thought I would at least write a piece on its ‘follow up’, a cute mini game of love and war. Sort… Continue reading

Corpse Party for PSP

This horror RPG game is not for the faint of heart…it is both gruesome and frightening. This adorable game kept me awake until the wee hours because I was worried that if I… Continue reading

A Witch’s Tale: World domination backfire!

Power hungry witch, Liddell accidentally opens an ancient book that the legendary Alice used to seal away the evil Eld Witch. Sleeping beauty Loue, a vampire who was in charge of guarding the… Continue reading

The Catherine of my Dreams: PS3/XBOX

At this early stage I would like to applaud Atlus on making such a wonderfully weird and creative game. I’m addicted to cheating sheep and sexual implications! Enter Vincent, an average guy who… Continue reading

Memoirs of a Dragonborn: Skyrim

Having little to no knowledge of the previous Elder Scroll games, to say I didn’t care about this one would be an understatement. Yet here I am…ready to go to bed at 5am… Continue reading

Rune Factory 3: A Wooly’s tale

Basically this game is amazing, buy it. That’s it. I actually love playing this game. It looks like the makers of Rune Factory and Harvest Moon are finally understanding what the series needs… Continue reading

Feel the magic XY XX: Then feel her

When I first clapped eyes on this game I assumed it would be about literal magic. Well I should’ve paid more attention to the male and female chromosome part of its title as this… Continue reading

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar

Already this is a vast improvement on Sunshine Islands, with alot more freedom as well! Once again you can choose your gender, and although I chose the girl again…the boy looks cuter. The… Continue reading

Harvest Moon: Sunshine Burden

This DS version is closely based on the ‘Island of Happiness’ game starring the same two characters, Chelsea and Mark. As expected the graphics are better and includes two additional characters: Lily and… Continue reading

Duel Love: ‘rub rub rub’

One of the reasons I have such a close relationship with my DS is because of this game, Duel Love or デュエルラブ. I initially stocked up on some Japanese games in order to… Continue reading

Rune Factory 2: Marriage is everything

Rune Factory 2 revolves around a character who has no memory of where he is from and wanders into the small village of Alvarna, where everyone repeats the same two pieces of dialogue… Continue reading

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