About Me

Is this where I put the disclaimer?
My name is Ameera…and I’m a gigantic nerd.
I’m a massive consumer of J-stuff, and I’ve decided to release all that here, in my own little world of Ameerkitty.
I am in love with languages, despite being the only female in the world that can’t multi-task I am attempting to learn Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and the odd bit of Korean here and there.
My loves are gamesfilms and Japanese dramas…all of which I’ll deposit here if I think they are worthy or shite enough.
I’m in my 3rd year at Falmouth University College, studying PR to feed my unsatisfied hunger for souls. I prefer meowing but I also tweet nonsense.
This is me on a normal day, bro.
Moogle cosplay

There’s a possibility I have a dressing up fetish…